Fresh, crispy and appetizing bakery products captivating
public-by at the first glance by their flavour and appearance.
This is the secret of the PRINCESS bakery,
which has concurred the hearts of millions of customers since 1994.

With the PRINCESS bakery products, the original mastermind ISAR 2000 Ltd. became one of the dominant market players in the past decade.

The company creates its first-class product in a facility satisfying European Union standards (HACCP and IFS) observing strict technological requirements guaranteeing continuously monitored, high quality products for its partners at all times.

Currently, the company has 18 self-operated PRINCESS bakeries, all of them are located at Budapest underground metro stations. For several years, the company has been delivering deep-frozen and half backed products to petrol station's (MOL, OMV, SHELL, AGIP, LUKOIL) convenient shops.

There are no other indications for the popularity of the products than the continuously expanding distribution opportunities, nowadays, our range of customers include grocery store chains, 5 star hotels, as well as other, independent bakery shops,cofee shops and restaurants.

PRINCESS is an International company having partners and presentation in the Central European region. In the year 2000 first in bakery shops at the Prague metro stations, then in Romania, where the popular delicacies are currently available at OMV and MOL petrol stations.
In the Romanian capital, Bucharest, PRINCESS products are currently sold at underground metro stations and the number of bakeries are rapidly increasing.

We have had a partner in Croatia and Serbia since 2006 and the sales in that region is rapidly growing.

Within the next 5 years we plan to expand into the Polish and the Ukrainian markets.

PRINCESS is continuously is looking for new markets if it as territory bounders and product range as well.

We launched Home consuming snacks for household baking in 2008. In the second half of 2009 we introduced readymade frozen cakes to the national and international market to be served in the retail chain and the catering business.

The retail chain will be upgraded with fresh own recipe sandwiches , and PRINCESS branded grounded Coffee.

We are open for innovations and there no boundaries to our dream and quality achievement.