ISAR 2000 Ltd. has established the HACCP system, which is an internationally accepted, systematic method to guarantee food safety by the determination, evaluation and management of potential hazards and dangers.

According to EU and HACCP requirements, product delivery is performed with special deep freezing trucks in the form of specific delivery rounds. Our suppliers visit our partners several times a week thereby offering an opportunity for prompt fulfillment of orders. We will replace in 5 working days any products that may have been damaged during delivery or baking presentation. Inland deliveries are performed by our company itself, whereas deliveries are abroad are provided by our distribution agency.

Our company has created a satellite vehicle tracking system, this is a newly developed protective feature serving many purposes. The system operates on the basis of a GPS positioning network. Our vehicles are equipped with mobile units capable of determining vehicle position and thereby making customer service more flexible.

This system applies a measurement instrument for continuous control of the required storage temperature, thereby assuring product delivery at the required temperatures for our partners. All this information is processed and the problems are solved by qualified specialists.

By the involvement of our regional representatives, we assist our Customers and their employees to learn the preparation of “Princess” products, as well as the operation and use of bakery equipment to the maximum extent. We organize high-standard professional trainings, product presentation and tasting sessions and continuously monitor compliance with technological instructions and sales conditions.

We deliver “Princess” products at -18°C and -21°C, packaged per product type in cardboard boxes to our Customers where our partners’ employees perform the leavening or thawing, depending on the dough types of the products, as well as the final baking following decoration. Freshly baked products are placed in the bakery product showcase.